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Hands of Love

I’ve been looking at hands a lot lately.  They are such an expressive part of the body, even when they’re just resting in your lap.  They tell the story of your life, with their wrinkles and creases, nails manicured or bitten down, bejewelled or not. 

The earthquake in Christchurch got me thinking even more about hands – desperate hands: first accounts talk about hands digging through rubble to find survivors; relieved hands – people trapped grasping hands with rescuers as they were pulled out; and the hands and fingers of those who didn’t make it texting their families.   Sad hands.  Goodbye hands.

One of the first things I noticed about our daughter when she was born was her beautiful hands.  I noticed her Dad’s on our first date – strength juxtaposed with gentleness.   She’s apparently a southpaw, he’s not.    Hands of Love.  My favourite hands.


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I Heart Melon

Valentines Day is a bit like New Years to me.   All that build up, then it’s over in an instant.   Today wasn’t one of my better ones.  I took a vacation day for some “me and hubby” time and we had planned to go to lunch and maybe see the Kings Speech.  So much for that.   N spent most of the night puking up pasta and blueberry pancakes and I kept her home from school today with a temperature spiking over 100.  So movie and lunch were postponed, and I spent the day looking after my daughter and washing the vomit out of sheets and blankets.    And watching nonstop kids TV.   I think my brain regressed to age 4 sometime this afternoon. 

I guess even a date with my poor little sick girl is better than some of the bad dates I’ve been on in my life.   So I should be thankful for that.

Happy Valentines Day to you all, and may you enjoy whatever you happen to be doing, with or without someone in your life.

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Black and Blue

What a difference a day (or two) makes.   I’m not sure if it was the Arctic blast we’ve had in Houston this month, or just feeling a bit overwhelmed with work and life in general, or maybe it’s just February blues.  However, Tuesday wasn’t a blue day, it was a black day.  Blackest mood I remember being in for years.  Couldn’t even talk myself out of it.    Snapped at everyone and everything, even the oven.    Fortunately for everyone, I went to bed early, my black mood wasn’t permanent, and I felt a little better on Wednesday.  On Friday the weather and my mood improved and I even found some inspiration for my 365/photo-a-day project.    A photo a day, to keep the blues away.  Here’s my first 12 days of 365.

Hearts and Flour

Power Out

Waiting for Snow

Icicle Heart


Game Day

Sweet Love

Time for Tea

Doggone Cold

Closed for the Season

Love in Bloom

Now We Are Six

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One Little Word

Our last prompt for the Picture Winter class on January 31st was One Little Word.  Find a word that will inspire you in 2011, a word to live by so to speak.  Being the garrulous, verbose, chatty type, I found this an immense challenge.    Plus it was a grey foggy Monday and I wasn’t feeling very inspired either.    And add to that I was feeling a bit blue  – had heard on Sunday about the passing of a dear former teacher and friend who lost her battle with peritoneal cancer.    As I looked at the sky, barely visible, I realised I was so glad to be full of life and healthy, and that we all need to appreciate every day we have like that.   So that’s my word.  Appreciate.  I hope we can all find something to appreciate today.

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