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Princess Envy

I admit it.  After saturating myself with wedding coverage the week of the wedding and getting up at 4am to watch the event live on BBC America, I have more than a little bit of princess envy. 

What a wonderful story – a very British girl meets her handsome prince at university, sticks it out through more than a few ups and downs, and marries him at Westminster Abbey, in my opinion the most spectacular church location in England.  

She will never have to worry about the mundane stuff that obsesses me on a daily basis – the mortgage payments, cleaning the house, grocery shopping (although apparently she was spotted at Waitrose post wedding weekend happily loading bags of groceries into her car), never mind the expense of educating one’s children.  I guess living in a big fishbowl will be the down side, but unlike Diana, Princess of Wales, she seems to have the full support of her husband and his family in her new journey as a future Princess of Wales and Queen of England.

Good for her.  We all need a bit of robust patriotism to cheer us up.  Seems like all the news of late has been doom and gloom. So why not dream of a Princess life, my daughter does every day, depending on her whim she might be Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle or Tiana, and I will continue to indulge her fantasy for the time being, as every little girl deserves to dream a dream, right?


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