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The Golden Hour

Poor little neglected blog.  I started out with such good intentions and somehow life got in the way – as it always seems to do with my writing.   Between a stressful few weeks at my full time job and the routine as mom to a busy four-year old, this blog and my 365 daily photo project have fallen by the wayside.

Today’s prompt in the Picture Color class (fast becoming my favourite of all Tracey Clark’s Picture Classes and to think I almost didn’t sign up for it) encourages us to seek out a calming colour amid the chaos of daily disorder.

Last week my daughter attended Princess Prep camp at a local church.  It was her second week of camp, in a different location from the first, and farther than I usually drive daily – working from home my commute is usually two minutes stumbling down the stairs to put the coffee on – so that in itself I found more stressful than usual.  She had a wonderful time and got to wear her princess costumes every day – but was completely wound up at the end of every session, so much so that some days I had to remind myself to pause and breathe.   On Friday once I had finished working for the day, and after dinner, she finally got the chance to try out the new colourful swing seats just installed at the park.  Our daily prompt that day was to find colour in light, so I was clicking away into the sun, watching her swing, when she suddenly stopped and took off her croc to shake it out.

I took this photograph at that moment, in our Golden Hour…..when the shadows are a little longer, the grass looks a little greener, and the world is bathed in the golden rays of setting sunshine.  Everything stopped for a short time, while shoe in hand, my daughter contemplated the sand which had found its way in there.

I realised at that moment, that I need to find my own golden hour on a daily basis to maintain some calm in my life, whether it’s that brief time in the morning walking the dog or making coffee before the house wakes up, or a a few minutes in the day to meditate, or that evening wind-down at the end of a hectic work day.   Yesterday the whole day was golden – and just perfect.  We went to the pool in the morning, then baked chocolate chip (and dog) cookies after lunch, and ended our Saturday with Disney movies and popcorn while snuggling on the couch together.

I hope you find your golden hour today.


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