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Simple Pleasures

Our Picture Inspiration prompt this week encouraged us to get back to basics.  Find serenity through simplicity and capture a shot that soothes your soul.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind.  Cleaning the house, doing laundry, paying bills, reading mounds of work emails piled up after vacation.  Today I let go of the mundane and concentrated on just being.  My daughter and I spent a wonderful afternoon visiting some of the free museums in the West U district of the city.   For about three hours we wandered galleries inside airy modern architecture, played on a tree swing, and dipped our feet in the water of a local oasis.   The dusty floors and grocery shopping forgotten, we reveled in the joy of being together and reaffirmed that happiness is not a destination, but a continual journey.

I hope you find your simple pleasures this weekend.


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Woke up to a 78 degree house.  Bliss.  Took our time with breakfast this morning, then headed to Holy Spirit for the 10.30am service, where N’s choir group would be singing again.  I remember being in the Brownies and Guides and resenting church at St Mary Magdalen’s on Sundays, because I had to get up early and get my uniform on.  It wasn’t like we went every week, either, just the second Sunday of every month.  As I got older, I would occasionally be asked to read the lesson by the Reverend David Hinge, he was a lovely chap who told me I was “his best reader.”    His predecessor, Reverend Davies, had a daughter who was a couple of years older than me – Sarah.  I remember she was so kind to me my first day at nursery school – I was a bit of a handful as I’d never been to school before and wasn’t very nice to the headmistress.  Sarah took me under her wing and got me some crayons and off we went to colour.  And I was fine after that, didn’t even notice Mum had gone.   Sadly, Sarah soon became very ill with cancer and passed away a couple of years later, aged only  7.  I hadn’t thought about those memories in a long time, but they came back to me this morning.  I guess I am feeling a little reflective lately with what will most likely be the last trip to the family home coming up this week.

The children performed beautifully again, during the offertory, and at the end of the service.  They also came down to take communion and/or be blessed with us  – N was so excited about that part of the service too.  Afterward we had snacks and coffee – then said goodbye to our friends (til ballet begins in August) and headed home for lunch.

After a 99c store run to stock up on the guys supplies, since Robert and Dex will be bach’ing it while N and I are at Mum’s, we settled in for a quiet afternoon of chores and packing.

I loathe packing, and usually put it off as long as possible.  I have been known to pack just hours before a trip, but packing for two needs to be a little more organized – I forced myself to get started.  With the AC out this week I had some laundry to catch up on – so I concentrated on the mundane while N picked out some things she wanted to bring.

Later, when it had cooled down a bit outside, I ran errands.  Got gas and milk – thankful that our car is pretty economical, but still amazed at the soaring price of milk these days.  Renting a cow would be cheaper although we don’t have anywhere to put it.

Leftovers for dinner, Cardinals-Cubs game on the telly, then a bit of Shark Week.   Finished loading up the day’s pics, plugged in the camera and phone chargers, and got ready to hit the sack.  N had already conked out while watching Prince Caspian again so putting her to bed was easy.   This is the end of my first Week in the Life, and also the end of my second Picture Summer class, so I’m taking a camera and blog break for a couple of days to recharge my own creative batteries before our trip.

Number of Photographs taken today: 49.

I am thankful for so many things today.  The love of my family and friends.  Modern conveniences.  Food on the table.  Nature’s blessings.  Good health.  Hoping for safe travels on Wednesday and a smooth journey.

I hope you all have a great week out there.

“Go Now in Peace, Go Now in Peace, May the Love of God Surround You, Everywhere, Everywhere, You May Go.”

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