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Another year in the bag, and what a year it was…..

  • survived my first full year teaching third grade and loved it so much I signed on for another one
  • became politically active and marched to the beat of a more socially conscious and active drum (pissing off a few people in the process)
  • watched my girl grow in confidence and find her own voice while blossoming on stage with her drama class (omg she’s going to middle school next year)
  • paid off my car and a few other debts and bumped up my credit score (yay)
  • cleaned out yet more clutter and worked on my closets and garage
  • donated my moms-gone-bad wardrobe and all those baggy clothes and stopped making excuses for the 11-year old baby weight 😳
  • started writing again and thought about going back to school
  • read books for pleasure and binge watched The Crown and Sherlock on weekends and didn’t feel guilty for doing it
  • survived a hurricane, a 1000 year flood, and an unexpected snowfall
  • celebrated an amazing World Series win and the best game of baseball ever played with our hometown team
  • decided to spend more time doing what I love with the people I love
  • made an emotional decision to open my heart to the possibility of finding love again (scary one, this) but am also totally okay if it doesn’t happen any time soon, or even ever
  • found my one little word for 2018 (see last photo)

So long, farewell, 2017……. here’s to all things possible in 20GR18…..


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